I’m onto week 2 of the job hunt, and so far no actual job interviews, despite having applied to probably over 30 jobs.

However, today I did interview with two temp agencies… so hopefully they will throw something my way in the next couple days or weeks. Temping can always lead to a longer contract. Which would be ideal. In the mean time… I’ll bake.

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit homesick over the last week or so. Something about having no routine really bums me out. At home I would get up and drive to Yoga… come home for coffee and lunch and then usually work in the evenings. It was a good routine. It was solid, and reliable… Now, however… I have no such routine. I really need a job to structure my life. I’ve started going to Bikram Yoga here in North Sydney, but it’s really not that Hot. I don’t know what they’re thinking. But it will do. At least Bikram Yoga is consistent. No matter where you go… that 90 minutes is always the same. I love and hate that.

In the spirit of keeping myself busy, I have been doing a fair amount of cooking in my small kitchenette… A couple of days ago I made Apple pie Oatmeal… a la this cool food blog. I took some really bad pictures of it, so I can’t post those. It would compromise my reputation. You understand…

However, today I made Carrot Cake oatmeal, equally as delicious! I managed to take some decent photos… only next time remind me to wipe the table. 🙂

carrots! and ikea bowl.

so orange… much like my feet.

so so orange

This was delightful.


and I wait for the jobs…


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