Christmas Eve in North Sydney

This is where I spent my Christmas eve this year.

Sydney Harbour, Christmas Eve 2011

In a small park, with a picnic basket, a bottle of wine, and my favourite man.


The setting was pretty beautiful and the company was perfect, but I have to admit, I got very homesick.


So here’s to all my family and friends back home in Toronto. I miss you and I love you.


Merry Christmas




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4 responses to “Christmas Eve in North Sydney

  1. michelle corbett

    Merry Christmas Caitie and Sean,

    Hope your Christmas is awesome – don’t be too homesick….the best of Toronto is on its way!

    Have lots of fun with your Mom and Dad!

    Luv Auntie M and the gang

  2. suzanne hicks

    now i’m crying too…but aunt michelle is right the best of T.O. is coming
    see you soon.


  3. Ann Ashton

    We miss you too! Your blog made me sad, never the less your mom and dad will be with you soon. I love reading your blogs, you have so much talent, keep them coming! All the best to you and Sean.

    Ann xox

    Thanks for the card, I enjoyed reading it!

  4. Kate

    Hey! Thought of all the Hicks in Australia when the TV went to the Austrialia at New Years. Really enjoying the blog and lovely photos and hoping for some guest appearances of the Hicks on vacation!

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