melbourne in bits and pieces.

Good MORNING! Have you noticed that people in Australia ALWAYS say bits and pieces? Always. Referring to anything.


Here I am. I am here. But here is currently not there, where you think I am.


I am in Melbourne. Again! It’s really fantastic. I’m here on Business. Obviously. Cause I’m a business woman. Naturally.

I work across from this:

Flinder's Station

And next to this:


In the morning I get a coffee like this:


From a place like this:

Degraves Street

Or this:

Manchester Cafe...

For lunch, I’ve been eating this:

coma ensued.

And for fun and good times, I’ve been drinking this:

gypsy cider

But really… in all honesty, all I want to see in Melbourne… is this:

A true Canadian Hero.

Anyway I just wanted to send a wee update to those who may be dropping by, looking for content. These are some shotty pictures from my iPhone of some beautiful things that I have seen and experienced over the past week and a half.

Love it!



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