Good things…

Think about all the things in life worth celebrating. I mean the big things!

Let’s brainstorm:



-New / Dream Jobs


I suppose those are the biggest ones in my books. Now imagine, for a moment, that ALL of those things happened in the span of 5 days. Think of it.

Most. awesome. five. days. ever.

—Just last week:

A friend of mine in Toronto had a beautiful baby girl!


Another friend of mine in Toronto got hitched…

Amazing (and weird to see your friends be adults…)

A third friend of mine, here in Sydney, got a fantastic job offer…


And that boyfriend of mine has achieved his primary goal in life… (I mean besides scooping up the finest lady Canada had to offer… bahaha)

Without going into too much detail, he has achieved something that he has been dreaming about since the ripe old age of 8. He is incredible and wonderful and no one else in the world deserves it more than him. I am infinitely proud of him and if you even bring up his name, I will brag about him for hours. It’s gross and totally annoying.

And last, but certainly not least… my lovely Grandpa celebrated a very special birthday this week. He turned 80! But I swear that man doesn’t look a day over 60! Right, Watson?

He is the coolest cat in town. He used to take my brother and I out to find jelly bellies and nutty butties. (These are of course jelly fish and small crabs found on the beach in Scotland.)

Here we all are during my brief visit home. My Grandparents are the best ever. EVER. They have killer accents… and just look at how hip they are. Yeah… My Grandpa has lacoste walking shoes. That’s real. And I’m pretty sure he’s on twitter.

Ok. maybe not. but they’re on facebook for sure. 🙂

Anyway, by the end of last week I was beyond excited about life. Just wanted to share the love.




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4 responses to “Good things…

  1. Joy

    I love this post! I’m so happy for you:)

  2. dahling

    lets not forget your grandparents went to see ‘the hangover’ in theatres… that’s pretty badass.


    well it was so nice of you to say all those nice things about me,and they are all so true i remember being taken for your one day in eatons. well are you keeping the boy happy these days,because he always looks so happy,but i guess having someone like you will do that to him ITS about 5 am and i just came back from the pool,gotta go early to get all to my self. all the very best to you and sean. WATSON.


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