When I was 10 I sold all my barbies. My barbies, my barbie clothes, even my barbie caravan. I sold my CDs, a couple cassettes and my Buzz Lightyear doll. I put all my money in an old peanut butter jar with a coin hole cut in the top and I duck-taped the lid on so that it was impossible to get into. I cut out a picture of a wiener dog and put that in there too. I saved up allllll my money; all my allowance and my profits from yard sales and I bought a little dog. A tiny little wiener dog that I affectionately named Lucy.


Lucy Bob Sausage Snausage Wiener Schnitzel McGillicuddy Ricardo Hicks. It simply rolls off the tongue, no?


This little dog was my best friend. She was cute and cuddly and stubborn and fierce. She was 13 1/2 years old. Or roughly 94 1/2 in dog years. She enjoyed taking up the entire bed, yawning in my face, licking everything and sleeping by the radiator. I will miss her with all my heart.


Goodnight little dog. Go find your buddy Strider in the giant field in the sky.





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5 responses to “dog

  1. ann ashton

    You just made me cry!!! The fondest memory I have of Lucy was when your parents were in Austraila last year and I got to look after her. She slept with me every night and when I’d wake up at three in the morning I would come out and sit in the living room, sometimes it would get a bit lonely but not for long because ten minutes after I got up Lucy would cry and want to be picked up off the bed, I would pick her up and put here beside me on the couch and that’s where she would stay until I got ready for work.
    While your up there looking for Strider Lucy find Finnegan and say high to him for me.

  2. nancy davis

    Oh Lucy….you sweet little dog. You had the most adorable little face. Just melted my heart every time I saw you. I remember one time Linda babysat you at my house and you showed Brison who was boss! Lol. You were so loved by your Mom, Brian, Suzanne and Andrew. They will miss you terribly but you will never be forgotten. By any of us!!!! You touched so many hearts. Love you! xo xo xo

  3. Sylvie

    Dear Caitlin,

    We were very sorry to hear about Lucy, but knew time was growing short for her. I will always remember her first visit to our house 13 years ago, and as small as she was, she was able to put her tiny paws up on the opened dishwasher and as everyone knows Lucy, her next step was to have a little snack . Our last visit to your house 131/2 years later, what do you think Lucy was still able to do? She is in a good place with Tanya, Casey, Dusty, Jessie, Strider and all the other Pups. What fun they all must be having up in Dog Heaven with no more pain.

    She sure was a cutie.

    Love, Aunt Sylvie and Uncle Larry XXOO

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