Who is she?

Samuel... he was the pooper... because we were bonded

this is her

Caitlin Hicks was born in Toronto, Ontario.  She overcame many obstacles and addictions as a youngster.  Sucking her thumb was a battle she lost for a good part of her formative years.  Many referred to her as “a young, young Drew Barrymore.”  Her fans feared that she might never reach double digits.  Then she grew up and as she stopped sucking her thumb.  She also stopped having little boy haircuts.

As her pathetic and pitiful teen years waned, she gained an interest in photography and travel.  She decided to nurture these interests by working at Blockbuster Video (TM) for 3+ years.  There she studied and absorbed the philosophies of many great Directors of Photography.  She also noted places that looked cool on film that she might also like to travel to.

After a summer of homeless/aimless wandering in Europe, Caitlin decided to attend school at OCAD in her hometown of Toronto.  Whilst there she didn’t win a single award, but gained valuable expertise in being able to judge what was/was not “Art.”   She parlayed this knowledge into an apprenticeship under Michelle Quance taking photographs at weddings all across the GTA.

Though utterly uninteresting on paper, Caitlin possesses what many refer to as a “bi-polar” personality which can turn almost any dull situation into an exciting brush with Johnny Law.  Photographic subjects are often agitated, but in the end the generally agree that the pain is worth the final product.

In the future she hopes to stay clean and get paid for her passion.  Her passion is photography, just in case that wasn’t clear.


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