Baking List

A List of Recipes that I hope to Attempt and Then Eat in the Next… Year(?)

A List composed by Caitlin Ann Hicks

1. Macarons
2. Sweet Pull-apart bread  – see Cinnamon-Raisin Pull-Apart Bread
3. Savoury Pull-apart bread
4. Whoopie Pies
5. Ice-cream or Gelato
6. Biscotti – made, but would like to re-attempt!
7. The most delicious granola
8. Perfect pancakes
9. Peach pie
10. Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies – these were pretty good…
11. Peppermint Patties – yum
12. Bread or cake with Zucchini – a little too moist, but amazing! also these!
13. Dessert Hummus
14. Vegan Rice pudding
15. Peppermint patties!
16. Boozey Popsicles
17. Vegan Date Squares
18. Anzac Buscuits
19. Vegan Cheesecake
20. Compote!

*All vegan of course


3 responses to “Baking List

  1. So glad I clicked around and found your blog! I too, have a baking list full of vegan and non-vegan goodies. Those berry scones you made look absolutely delicious. 🙂

  2. putang ina mo! bakit sa tingin mo masarap yan!

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