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Orange you pissed off about the price of Bananas?

So it’s been almost a week now. Well, a week since I left…

I sit here, in our cozy studio apartment patiently awaiting the Season Premiere of… wait for it… MASTER CHEF AUSTRALIA. Pretty much the greatest reality cooking show ever created. Not to be mistaken for Master Chef America… cause that version sucked.

Things are going swimmingly. The boy had the last six days off work so we were able to settle in, shop at Ikea, bake scones and drink coffee. It was lovely. However, our trip to Ikea was slightly annoying and only about 30% successful. Two of the main pieces of furniture that we wanted were out of stock… for another MONTH. Which means that I will have to continue to complete all of my chopping, mixing, heating and cleaning over our 2 element stove top. It’s a challenge to say the least, but I suppose it forces me to clean as I cook.

Anyway, I shall start looking for a job this week, when the boy returns to work and I’m all alone for 12 hours a day. I have no idea where to begin or what I want to do… its all very overwhelming, but I’m sure that’ll pass. In the mean time… I will continue to bake and eat and drink coffee…

In other news, it seems that the recent natural disasters that have stuck this hemisphere have had some devastating effects on my abilty to consume potassium. Meaning, of course, that Bananas, my beloved morning, noon and nighttime snack, have skyrocketed in price. It’s insanity. INSANITY, I SAY!

For instance, take Exhibit a:

the bananas

Two bananas. Very small bananas at that.

*note that these bad boys have already been frozen for optimal banana conservation methods. which is also why they are slightly brown already.

This lovely pair retails at $2.20 AUD. That’s $1.10 PER banana… and a whopping $13.00 a kilo! We saw some at $9.00 a kilo yesterday and jumped at the deal… only to pay $4.50 for the two we picked up because they were so heavy. I reckon that’s mostly peel. So I feel even more ripped off. Furthermore, becuase one got trapped under a can of chickpeas in the shopping bag and was smushed and oozing when I unpacked it. Luckily… we only use them for smoothies… so it wasn’t a huge loss. I can still use it.

BUT Damn. That shit is bananas.




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