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From the city to the surf…

As many of you know (yes all two of you who read this… mom and… dad) I am currently training to run the City to Surf 14km run on August 14th. I’m realllly looking forward to it as I was supposed to enter last year with Sean, but alas he broke his foot about 2 months prior and was wearing a cast for weeks and weeks.

Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking about this race since last August when I watched the some 80,000 Sydney siders run, jog and walk from the City center to Bondi beach. It’s such a huge event and I can’t WAIT to do it. bahaha

Of course when I found out that the company I am working for was creating a team and raising money for Make a Wish Australia I was doubly excited and hopped on the fundraising bandwagon. I got Sean in on the action too!

So without further ado, if any of you two readers are interested in backing me on this here is our team fundraising page!

You can donate directly to my name… to make me look good at work.


ps. you’re pretty much obligated to do this.



much appreciated.


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