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Coastal jog, ocean swim, all day breakfast.

For the past couple weeks I’ve been working in an office from Monday-Friday. A regular nine to fiver, I am. And Sundays are mostly lounging and dreading Mondays, so in my mind, this leaves only one day a week for doing whatever I please.

Today was one of those Saturdays. I had a hankering for a run, swim and brekkie. A day-off tradition.

pre-run coffee and lounging...

Sean suggested a run that we’ve done parts of before, but it was beautiful and challenging none-the-less. Bondi to Coogee. A coastal walk that takes you past 5 beaches, each with their own strip of cafes, crashing waves and die-hard surfers. We’ve never made it the full way from Bondi to Coogee. Sean informed me that it was a quick 45 minute run. I questioned it, only because his 45 minutes and my 45 minutes are at quite different paces. However, I’m trying to up my game for the City to Surf 14km run in August. So Bondi to Coogee it was.

It took us just under an hour… but I was puffffffffed for most of it. There are a lot of stairs and a lot of up and downs. However, it’s easy to get distracted by the beautiful views. That combined with the fact that there are a billion other runners that you can focus on beating kept things interesting. haha. When we were finished I was left wandering how long it actually was. Well, I’ve just googled it and found that Bondi to Coogee is a 6km walk. We did it, and then we returned. I’m going to go ahead and say we ran 10-11km since we didn’t run the full length of either beach. But still. That’s damn good considering I haven’t run longer then 5kms in about 6 months. booooo-yah City to Surf.

We started in Bronte, ran to Coogee back all the way to Bondi and then back to Bronte. I was on my final sprint to the Beach and ready to kick off my shoes in a fit of joy to jump into the ocean when Sean hailed me down, informing me that we should use the ocean pools. Apparently, it was dangerous surf.

Off to the side, near the cliffs, there was a gorgeous little ocean-water pool. We dove in, as the waves crashed up over the side. It was all the fun of the ocean without the scary undertow and mysterious sea-creatures.

sooo cool...

After a quick dip, I sprinted back to the car and attempted to change strategically under a towel into dryer clothes.

Sean had researched some delightful little cafes and we decided on a hidden gem in Paddington called …at Perry lane. It was, coincidentally, on Perry Lane. Tucked away, almost impossible to find. I thought it would be packed on a Saturday morning, but since it was so strategically placed, we had no trouble securing a table immediately. They also serve All Day Breakfast. The three sweetest words in the english language.

...can you spot the cafe? I'll give you a hint, it's next to the hipster smoking the cigarette and texting

We started with some hot tea, since it was partially outside and the weather here is getting quite cool. Again, not being able to decide on only one dish each, we ordered three.

...a delightful menu...

Toast, avocado, and roast tomato for the lady, a breakfast burrito for the gentleman and maple granola (they ran out) fruit toast with honey and almonds to share. Obviously.

I'm pretty sure people think we're food critics...


The food came pretty quick and I gobbled it down twice as fast. At the time, I couldn’t quite figure out why I was so damn hungry… but after finding out the legth of that run, its started to make more sense.

he's sooooooooooo hun-gree

That fruit toast was pretty good, but it was the atmosphere and delicious coffee that did it for me. I would definitely go back here for a long lesiurely lunch. It didn’t break the bank either, which was a nice change.

Back home, Sean took a doze on the couch while I whipped up a batch of granola that had been missing from breakfast. We watched ridiculous TV and snacked on warm granola until the sun went down.



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