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Give Thanks.

I am thankful for friends. This is my jazzy friend. You can call her Samantha. Because that is her name.

jazzy lady

She is pretty cool. No joke.

Sam is pictured here with a turkey. She is massaging it in a very sensual way. Why you ask? Well, it is Candian Thanksgiving of course! And what better way to spend a Sunday than massaging a turkey with butter and herbs?

Sam arrived in Sydney JUST in time to join me for some patriotic celebrating in the form of eating rich food and drinking good wine. and beer. and cider.

I am thankful for cider.

We had big plans for the weekend and so we spent Saturday sussing out Sydney’s finest farmer’s market and purchasing all the best vegetables from a lovely man who then gave us some garlic for free. What. a. guy.

I am thankful for free garlic.

After spending our pennies on delicious produce, we spent Sunday attempting to recreate all of our Mother’s finest thanksgiving feasts.

It was not an easy task. We didn’t really have any recipes… but we knew that we needed: a bird,

mashed potatoes,

mased potatoes!

roast vegetables,

ummm... delicious

stuffing and pie.

pumpkin pie

OH and cranberry sauce. Can’t forget the cranberry sauce.

I am thankful for cranberry sauce. and pie.

The mashed potatoes and vegetables were a cinch. And Sam took care of the bird as I know not how to even handle meat. I suppose thats what happens when you grow up a vegetarian. However, I did sprinkle the pepper and salt over top of it since Sam made the pepper grinder explode with a strength that she didn’t even know she had. It was this strength that gave our vegetables a spicy kick (from the unrecoverable peppercorns).

Stuffing, however, was a bit tricky. But we pulled it together in the nick of time.

the australian fam.

We’re are pretty much Anna and Kristina. And if you don’t get that reference… you are probably not Canadian. That, or you don’t watch Oprah’s new television network.

I am thankful for Oprah. (But don’t tell anyone.)

Anyhoo, the house totally smelled like Thanksgiving, which I think is a win. The whole meal was delicious and I think we would have done our Mother’s proud had they been able to partake in the feast. The boys definitly enjoyed it. The only quesitonable part was our decor. We didn’t have as much time as anticipated to gather harvest-like centerpieces… but I’d say we compensated well. carrots? pomegranate? free garlic? a scented candle and a jar of maple syrup? perfect.

And while these little guys weren’t for Thanksgiving, I think they are worth mentioning. Mini-Apple pies made to woo and persuade. 😉 Yum.


All in all, a delightful weekend.

…and I am thankful for this guy too.



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